At O’Reilly, we have a motto: “Create more value than you capture.” It’s a wise motto for companies far bigger than we are to adopt. If you do that, you ensure a healthy ecosystem. If you capture more value than you create, watch out, because stagnation is on the way.

Amazon has, so far, created huge value for the publishing ecosystem. Now, as they become more powerful, they need to be especially watchful that they don’t irreparably damage an industry on which they too depend.

Publishers Beware: Amazon has you in their sights – O’Reilly Radar

A smaller yet sufficient ICE functioning as a generator to keep batteries charged (and passengers heated) after the grid-supplied power has been depleted would be less expensive, less gasoline-consuming, and less polluting. For a significant share of the new car market, less has already become the new more. […] With a year and a half wait time for a Smart car at one California Smart dealer, the writing may be on the wall.

Hippie vans and plug-in hybrids – AutoblogGreen