Why Sarah Carpenter decided not to intern for Elephant Journal

Here’s why.

After she decided to quit after a couple of days on the job, Waylon asked her to write an article for the site explaining why she was leaving. The reasons sound awfully familiar:

Looking on at the elephant website, I noticed the amount of times Waylon’s name and puckering posed pictures appear all throughout. Started to remind me of Oprah’s “O” magazine, and how every single cover has been a picture of her. Too much!


So it’s no secret that the editor-in-chief of elephant has a lot of self-confidence, even while he’s spreading enlightenment. But does it really have to be this way? I at least know that I would have a hard time focusing on my journalistic goals while humoring the multitude of selfish, and selfless, goals of one man.

In a nutshell: Waylon.