Thoughts around the iPad 2, and touch-based interfaces

I just finished reading “Apple iPad 2 is here and tablet rivals need to hit the drawing board”, Andy Ihnatko’s article on the iPad 2.

One sentence really resonated with me, because I think Apple’s very busy right now getting the world used to the next generation of computer interfaces (lots of OS X Lion’s upcoming interface is borrowed straight from iOS):

I hate editing video, but this app intuitively felt better and easier than even the desktop edition of iMovie.

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Reverting changes in Subversion

Let’s assume you’ve got a file (or a directory full of files, doesn’t matter) that you’ve been working on, and have committed it to the repository. Whoops, you’ve just overwritten something good with something bad. How to get the old one back?

I thought it would be a variation on the svn revert command, but no. It’s svn merge. This makes sense on some level, but not a lot of sense. Continue reading →