SSH environment variables

Just in case you want to know what IP address an SSH client is coming from, or what address they used to log in (such as internal vs. external addresses), the ssh daemon puts a bit of useful stuff in environment variables for you. $SSH_CLIENT and $SSH_CONNECTION are the most useful.

Here’s someone who starts with the user experience, who believes that industrial design shouldn’t be compared to what other people were doing with technology products but it should be compared to people were doing with jewelry.


What makes Steve’s methodology different from everyone else’s is that he always believed the most important decisions you make are not the things you do – but the things that you decide not to do. He’s a minimalist.


Having been around in the early days, I don’t see any change in Steve’s first principles — except he’s gotten better and better at it.


Microsoft hires some of the smartest people in the world. They are known for their incredibly challenging test they put people through to get hired. It’s not an issue of people being smart and talented. It’s that design at Apple is at the highest level of the organization, led by Steve personally. Design at other companies is not there. It is buried down in the bureaucracy somewhere… In bureaucracies many people have the authority to say no, not the authority to say yes. So you end up with products with compromises.

John Sculley On Steve Jobs, The Full Interview Transcript | Cult of Mac

Engadget reviews Sony’s Internet TV (powered by Google TV)

Link: Engadget reviews Sony’s Internet TV (powered by Google TV)

Although both of your thumbs rest naturally on the controls up top, you’re not supposed to use them at the same time — you can either arrow around the UI with the left thumb or control the mouse with the finicky optical pad under your right. The two things are totally separate, so you’re using the arrows and you accidentally click the right button, you end up selecting whatever’s under the mouse cursor and going off in a totally different direction. It’s weird, especially since it’s supposed to feel like a PS3 controller — a controller that generally uses both thumb controls together very effectively.

Sony has never been any good at UIs, and neither has Google, but this is severely atrocious. I bet they didn’t do much hands-on user (i.e., not their own developers) testing, if any, and zero field testing. Or if they did, they ignored the results.

Update: the remote in question

LaTeX & Doxygen tab clearout

I am working on API docs in Doxygen these days, and using it to produce HTML and PDF docs. The goal is zero post-processing, so I’m getting way too involved in LaTeX to make that happen. Herewith, the reference material I keep coming across in my searches.

Doxygen commands is what it says it is.

Doxymacs is a Doxygen mode for emacs.

Getting Started with TeX, LaTeX, and Friends from the TeX Users’ Group, whose mailing lists have provided a LOT of answers so far. Points to FAQs, online docs, and more.

Getting to Grips with LaTeX – LaTeX Tutorials by Andrew Roberts is a series of kick-ass tutorials.

MSc. Thesis – LaTeX explanation is a nice walkthrough of how the author set his thesis, laid out one chunk at a time.

Page layout in LaTeX (PDF) is the official documentation for the fancyhdr package.

There are some more. I may edit this as time goes on.