Yojimbo updated to 1.5

Link: Yojimbo updated to 1.5

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If your note-taking, data-collecting app doesn’t agree with you, you’ve got plenty of options out there; as for me, I’m happy with Yojimbo, and happier now that 1.5 is out. The new version adds images as a full-fledged data type (meaning you can sync pictures via .Mac, although you’re warned not to try and replace iPhoto or Aperture) and improves search performance. There’s also now an auto-update feature, at long last!

You can get the 10.4 MB…

Wall Street Journal: "iPhones take over the Internet"

Link: Wall Street Journal: “iPhones take over the Internet”

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Over at the Wall Street Journal, Ben Worthen posts that iPhones were responsible for 0.09% of all Web page views in November. In comparison, all the other mobile Windows-based browsers accounted for only 0.06% of page views. From this, we can deduce the following:

  • Viewing the Web on most mobile devices stinks.
  • Viewing the Web on the iPhone doesn’t stink.
  • Most people still use computers to view the web.

Thanks, Eddie.

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