UN Says Tasers Are a Form of Torture

Link: UN Says Tasers Are a Form of Torture

The use of Tasers “causes acute pain, constituting a form of torture,” the UN’s Committee Against Torture said. “In certain cases, they can even cause death, as has been shown by reliable studies and recent real-life events.” Three men — all in their early 20s — died from after tasering in the United States this week, days after a Polish man died at Vancouver airport after being tasered by Canadian police. There have been 17 deaths in Canada following the use of Tasers since they were approved…

Mapping the Brain’s Neural Network

Link: Mapping the Brain’s Neural Network

Ponca City, We Love You writes “New technologies could soon allow scientists to generate a complete wiring diagram of a piece of brain. With an estimated 100 billion neurons and 100 trillion synapses in the human brain, creating an all-encompassing map of even a small chunk is a daunting task. Only one organism’s complete wiring diagram now exists: that of the microscopic worm C. elegans, which contains a mere 302 neurons. The C. elegans mapping effort took more than a decade to complete….


Link: Sandy

Everyone seems to be talking about Sandy, so I thought I’d give her a try. Nothing to report so far, other than integration with Google Calendar isn’t there—I had to actually set up a cron job to grab and republish the iCalendar feed on my own server so Google could find it.