SSH Overview (23 Jul 2007)

Link: SSH Overview (23 Jul 2007)

Nice article about ssh.”SSH (secure shell) is a program enabling secure access to remote file systems. Not everyone is aware of other powerful SSH capabilities, such as passwordless login, automatic execution of commands on a remote system or even mounting a remote folder using SSH! In this article we’ll cover these features and much more.” SSH tricks

What ever happened to Web engineering? (27 Jul 2007)

Link: What ever happened to Web engineering? (27 Jul 2007)

Web pages have become a major functional component of the daily lives of millions of people; you, the Web developer, are in a position to make that part of everyone’s lives better. Does it ever occur to you that today’s Web developers could learn a thing or two from traditional computer programming? What we have today is a generation of Web designers and developers who are attempting to build increasingly sophisticated Web sites without reference to the best practices of software engineerin