Self-Healing Plastic Skin

Link: Self-Healing Plastic Skin

An anonymous reader writes “Scientists have developed a form of plastic skin that can heal itself when damaged. The material relies on an underlying network of vessels — similar to blood capillaries — that carry a healing agent to areas on the material’s surface that sustain damage. Unlike previous self-healing systems that relied on capsules of agent buried in the polymer and which became depleted after one use, the new system can respond to damage at the same point many times over.”

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Leopard goodness

Leopard is looking really good, particularly the improvements in Will it be improved enough to make me ditch Thunderbird? If it still stores mail in a proprietary pain-in-the-ass format, then no. But if all the new bells and whistles work with IMAP and nothing stored locally, I’m there, man.

And of course, it’s about damn time they got around to virtual desktops. Looks like they did it pretty well, with a good-looking couple of pager options.